The Skipper

Captain and Owner Cassio Gurjão

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1956, Captain Gurjão is a sportsman who has enjoyed sea related activities since very young. From body-surfing, to surfing, windsurfing and sailing. His career as a financial executive in the corporate world evolved parallel to his passion for these sports and financed the acquisition of Kamehameha in January 2008. Sail in Rio was founded as consequence of this passion and of the increasing demand for sail chartering in Rio de Janeiro.

Licensed Captain by the Brazilian Navy, Captain Gurjão accumulates significant sailing mileage from his trips north and south of the Brazilian coast.

The First Mate

Daniel Gurjão, is our first mate and bowman. Also licensed by the Brazilian Navy, he is an experienced sailor who has accumulated substantial sailing mileage over the years. In 2016 alone, he added 7,000 miles from his Atlantic ocean crossings from Rio to St. Marteen, in the Caribbean, and Lisbon.


In his spare time he is a professional photographer, expert surfer and excellent barman.

Check his photo art at his Instagram page.

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