Only for the most experienced and adventurous, Sail in Rio extended programs will take you on a multi-day, blue-water, sailing trip to the Ilha Grande Bay, 70 nautical miles west of Rio. 

The Rio de Janeiro coastline runs west-east relative to the rest of the country.

From Buzios and Cabo Frio, on the east, to Parati and Angra dos Reis in the Ilha Grande Bay, on the west, this 160 nautical mile coast stretch concentrates some of Brazil´s most visited destinations, such as the Ilha Grande Bay area.

In Ilha Grande Bay some 365 islands of all shapes and sizes offer the visitors different beaches, good restaurants, hotels, as well as activities like sailing, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, trails, bathing in waterfalls, etc. 

Sail in Rio extended programs are operated westbound, towards the Ilha Grande Bay. They are configured as 3-day minimum cruising adventure, leaving Rio de Janeiro early on day-1 by covering the 70 mile stretch in approximately 10 hours, continuing day-2 with exploration sails around the island and ending day-3 with the return trip to Rio.

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